Chairperson's remarks

Thank you for visiting the website of Hong Kong Bioethics Association.

Hong Kong is an affluent city. We have the resources to maintain life albeit little chance of recovery. Many a time, our medical and nursing colleagues complain that bioethics issues have become a major area of concern in their daily work. How would you manage a patient with chronic renal failure requiring regular peritoneal dialysis and who keep on complaining on the physical pain and anguish associated with the repeated insertion of dialysis catheter to the abdomen? How do you advise a couple who requested therapeutic abortion? How do you assess collateral damage after acute healthcare crisis like a tsunami? Who has the right to obtain and use genetic information? Who are going to pay for the increasing healthcare expenditure? These are difficult questions faced by doctors, nurses and other healthcare colleagues during their duties. We definitely need more in-depth discussion forum and consensus in these difficult arenas.

The advancement of biotechnology is also affecting our daily life. For examples, the implication of cloning to our social structure, the influence of genetic modified organisms on our health and environment. To have a better check and balance on the use of technology, an increase awareness of these issues is essential.

Our Association provides a platform for opinion exchange and formulation, information dissemination and education. Among other activities, regular meetings and lectures will be held to discuss current bioethical issues. I look forward to your valuable opinions and meeting you in our activities.

Dr. Ho-Mun Chan
February 2018


Revised on February 9, 2018 by P.C. Shaw