This newsletter is published by the Hong Kong Bioethics Association and sent free to members. It provides a forum for the expression of opinions on current issues of bioethics and aims at promoting the awareness of bioethics in this part of the world. Owing to the lack of manpower, the publication is at present suspended.

Editorial Board

Chief Editors:
Dr Au Kit-Sing, Kowloon Hospital of Hong Kong

Prof. Qiu Ren-Zong, Chinese Academy of Social Sciences, Beijing

Executive Editor:
Prof. Yu Kam-Po, City University of Hong Kong
Email: pkip@

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Volume 2 Issue 1
Volume 2 Issue 2
Volume 2 Issue 3
Volume 3 Issue 1
Volume 3 Issue 2
Volume 3 Issue 3
Volume 4 Issue 1
Volume 4 Issue 2
Volume 5 Issue 1
Volume 6 Issue 1


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